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AM AIDA Working Party Meetings and Presentations
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 Conference & Breakout Sessions
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Draft confirmed speakers and agenda can be found on the Program page. Please keep checking for further updates.

APAC Insurance Market Economy
Under Insurance
All things APAC Insurance
A high level “fly through”of Asian economies, their current economic, political, regulatory and legal environments which will set the scene for insurance market risks and opportunities
Insurance Pricing and Profitability throughout APAC
Current insurance market pressures and what the future holds. Soft market, GWP, Loss ratio’s, emerging technologies and disruption – what does all this mean for insurance in Asia Pacific for insurance market participants
Insurance Growth in Asia – demand, supply, what is happening and where will the growth opportunities come from
Asia has growing populations, growing asset values and is prone to natural disasters and other global risks yet remains staggeringly underinsured. What product development is currently underway and what future prospects exist.
Insurance Market Disruption – who are they, where are they focusing on, what will be the outcome
Cyber, terrorism and the new world risks – what are they and what is the insurance response
Changing levels of permitted foreign investments in the insurance industry across the various countries in the region
Technology & Disruption Blockchain
Technology in the APAC Insurance Market – Blockchain, bitcoin and other advances. What are they and will they thrive
Innovation and disruption in Insurance – what is all the hype about and how do insurers manage these issues
Managing Risks Property Catastrophe
Thailand floods
Christchurch earthquakes
Casualty Catastrophe
Aggregation Risks
Property Catastrophes across APAC – Tiajin, Thailand, Christchurch and others – past experience and future preparation. Managing catastrophe risks in APAC
Casualty Catastrophe – Managing casualty aggregation risks in APAC
The Law and Insurance Claims Insurance Claims Update
Managing Claims Across APAC
Good faith in Asia
Class Actions update
Insurance Claims – APAC update on recent cases and developments – All lines
Managing Claims in APAC – how do claims managers ensure service excellence across such a diverse region?
The duty of utmost good faith – then and now – changing requirements for changing circumstances; 250 years after Carter v Boehm
The panel will cover the UK position starting with the 1766 decision of Carter v Boehm and the situation now after the UK Insurance Act 2015 was enacted, the situation in Australia as well as select parts of Asia with Singapore being the focal point given its status as the (re)insurance hub of Asia.
How do you balance the interests of insurer and insured.
“Mitigation of Litigation Risk in the United States”
What can Asian companies do to mitigate their risk of being sued in the United States? And if they are nevertheless sued, what are the dos and don’ts for a foreign litigant in the U.S. legal system. The fear of the U.S. legal system is widespread in Asia, yet Asian companies cannot abandon the U.S. market to others. As such, mitigating these risks in the U.S. perhaps through insurance or otherwise is foremost on the mind of those engaging in transpacific business.
Business Interruption following Cyber-attacks
The marketing of cyber polices has evolved from liability cover to first party cover and now emergency response cover. This session will explore the calculation of BI under the various cyber policies in the market and the trips and traps to be aware of.
Regulation Cross Border
ASEAN forum
Insurance Disputes
Cross border and transnational developments in the Insurance Context
ASEAN Economic Forum including ASEAN Insurance Forum, Insurance integration framework and how the insurance regulatory environment has changed and will continue to evolve in the region
The changing regulatory landscape in Asia – Panel Discussion
How to manage insurance companies and insurance claims across so many countries, cultures and jurisdictions
International Insurance Disputes in the Asian context – How are they dealt with and what does the future hold